About Us

Our story began with a city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Sound cliché? Well, it couldn't be closer to the truth!  

Together, we bought a farm. Soon after, we had a son, two donkeys, 12 chickens and a row of lavender.

Being a new mother, I had suddenly become very aware of the products we were using coupled with this new desire to become some sort of super- duper- homesteading, stay-at-home mom, farm-wife type. This is where the idea was born!

I should make soap! From scratch. Because that's what farm women did! BUT we should do it with goat's milk because I'd (obsessively) read of it's benefits for the skin. Besides, what would be more farm-y than that?!  Well, if you had your own goats to milk, that would be!

Let me just explain our marriage for a second.  We are a 50/50 blend of spontaneity (me) and logic (him) so imagine me broaching this idea, bouncing a baby in my arms. 

I persevered.

It wasn't long after that we bought our first milking goat. We named her Jean Davis, a species of lavender and my favourite plant. She stole my heart!  Goats are like potato chips though, you can't have just one.  Our herd grew steadily from here.

After much trial and error, I mastered the art of milking.  Buckets were filled (and kicked over), soap recipes were tested filling up our kitchen bar after bar. Until one day, my loving and understanding husband looked at me and gently asked what the heck I planned to do with ALL OF THIS SOAP?  It was true, my experiments had blown out of control! There was soap EVERYWHERE!

The logical (him) choice was to try and sell them.

So, I set up a tiny table at our local farmer's market and I sold out before closing! What??!! People wanted my soap. And I wanted to keep making soap for the people!  

My mere hobby blossomed into a true passion and this is how Liv Simple Farms was created!

That was the beginning of a natural, farm fresh product and after much evolution, we're still at it nearly 10 years later. Yes, the baby is now 9 years old and very much involved in the family business!

While nothing around here is ever simple, we continue to make products with the simplest of ingredients that still deliver exceptional benefits.                                         

Today, we produce thousands of bars of soap a year and our product line has grown to offer a variety of natural, healthy bath and body care products with many of them including our vitamin-rich goat's milk.

We love to welcome customers to our soap shop and have started holding farm events and workshops throughout the year. This year we can't wait to offer our freshly grown specialty cut flowers.

We are proud to create wholesome products and experiences for the whole family!