The End Of An Era

This has been a rough winter and it's only the end of January.  We lost goats this winter. Not just any goats but two of our 'originals'. They were the two that signified the beginning of Liv Simple Farms. It's feels like the end of an era and it's sad!
Mumma Jean and Twickle were about 12 years old. They lived on our farm for close to 10 years. That's a long time.  Combined, they birthed nearly 40 babies during their time here. They were fantastic mothers and milkers, each boasting their own unique personality.  They were polar opposites.  
Mumma Jean was steadfast and quiet.  She held the title as herd queen for her entire life here.  She was the first to the milk stand every morning and the last to sleep as she watched over her kids. We never once needed a vet for her in 10 years, she was robust to say the least.
Twickle was boisterous and a bit of a brat yet over the years she became calmer and one of my absolute favourites for her quirky traits. I always knew her silly call and I'd often hear her from the house. Early on, she had her leg broken by another goat. It was a steep vet bill and they said it may never heal. I laid in the barn with her, her head resting on me, while the anaesthetic wore off. She sported a purple cast for 8 weeks and her leg healed, a bit crooked, but that just added to her uniqueness.
I always knew the day would come that we would lose them, such is life, but I knew it would be more heartbreaking and surreal than others.  This is a fact!  I have only seen my husband cry on a few occasions and these two girls brought him to tears.
They both seemingly died of natural causes and quite quickly, which we are thankful for. They showed no major illness beforehand yet both became more fragile in the weeks leading up.  We were caring for them accordingly with extra TLC and a keen eye.  Both girls left us while we weren't present as if to spare us the final moments.  They were good girls.
It's funny because we had already decided that we would retire them from their 'duties' this year because of their age. They would spend their time being companions and loafing around in the sun. The pastures must have looked greener on the other side :)
Rest easy my ladies. XOXO 

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